Our school is a public secondary school. It started to serve in 2005 with the donation of Şadiye Pekyılmaz whose daughter of Semiha Uruninandı,born in 1937 and uneducated, after her mother death, to fulfill the legacy of the most wish to teach literacy to childrenIt is located  in the city center of Adana with its 2.25 million population  and it is highly preferred by the students aroud us. Our school has 1 principle ,2 wise managers,44 teachers and with a total of 767 students. In our school there are 24 classes, a computer lab., a music room, an art room,a science lab.,a library and a big garden.All our classes are equipped by smart boards with the help of FATIH project which was organised by National Education Ministry.As our school is in the city center,there is no problem about the students’  arrival to the school.   Our school’s mission is to use technology effectively in education, to be open towards the innovation, to fulfill the requirements of the information age , to compete with equivalent bodies in the EU and to be a quality exclusive school.   On September 2014, Adana Provincial Directorate of National Education decided to supply education to the Syrian refugee children and has set up some schools so far and UNICEF supply the Syrian teachers’  salary.Our school is one of the relevant schools and we have two shifts now. In the afternoon Syrian students are being educated. They have Syrian schedule and they have books in their language.They are educated by Syrian teachers as well. For now there are 22 classes from the 1st class to 9th class.    Additionally,there is a Turkish coordinator and three Turkish teachers to teach Turkish language to the Syrian students.Our school is very eager to participate a multileteral project  with our enthusiastic staff.