The school is located in the old center of the city in a disadvantaged area which is called “Borgo Vecchio” and it is disposed on 3 floors. The school is near piazza Castelnuovo one of the most famous and popular squares where you can begin exploring the beautiful city of Palermo. It is near the famous “TEATRO POLITEAMA”( built between 1867 and 1874) and also near “TEATRO MASSIMO” (opened in 1897, it is the biggest in Italy, and one of the largest of Europe).The name of the school is Istituto Comprensivo Statale “ POLITEAMA” and includes pre-primary, primary and secondary education under the guidance of about 138 teachers and has got about 1100 students. The new Website of the school is : We are a true comprehensive school. We serve the needs of every type of child. Consequently, we have a curriculum that supports the reading and writing skills of children who join us at age 11 because they come from other parts of the world. The number of the students is increasing day by day because of the migration from many other countries. In fact, most of the students come from Africa, Asia, East Europe and Ecuador, and a high number of them need linguistic help. My school faces particular problems of integration, especially with the recent arrival of many new students of migrant workers. It is important for my students to develop attitudes of tolerance through an understanding of European diversity. Moreover, there are some students with special needs in some classes.