Every Child Matters-Refugees and Immigrants in Education

    The rationale of this project is ‘Every child matters’ which is based on key values of social justice, fairness and diversity. The main aim of the project is to compare the school-education of refugees and immigrants between European partners: Adana in Turkey, Frinton-on-Sea in UK, Palermo in Italy,Petra in Greece and  Lousado in Portugal. We are interested in exchanging best-practice in supporting immigrants and refugees, so that students, teachers and educators create a conscious society where there is cultural tolerance, social justice and the equality for all. The project will involve activities that will develop knowledge and understanding of each other’s cultures and language, raise the awareness of global issues such as inequality, conflict and sustainable development. Throughout students will be able to develop and increase skills in critical thinking, cooperation and teamwork, communication and having multiple perspectives. For example team work will be explored when students are visiting host countries and working on common activities such as creating a piece of art or music. Sharing ideas and experiences will enable students from all partners to learn from each other and create mutual respect. In particular it is hoped that experiences will enrich the lives of refugee students who at times don’t see education as valued. Learning will be extended to students who are not immigrants as it will enable to develop skills to combat prejudice, xenophobia and discrimination.

During the project students will be exposed to at least one foreign language and they will be encouraged to learn words and phrases that will help them to communicate when on exchange visits.

The result of this project will be published support manual with helpful methods for schools and teachers/educators. In this it will include immigrant stories which will also be a base of teaching resources of immigration and life as refugee. These resources will be available on especially created project website and free teacher sharing websites such as TES in UK long after the project finished.  Dedicated website will include all published materials created by students and any resources, ideas that might be useful either in teaching refugees and immigrants or as awareness of issues relating to this. The final project outcomes and resources produced will enable future refugees (such as with recent agreements or relocation between governments from UK and Turkey,18.March.2016),

to settle easier as the expertise developed during the project will be available to share, on line as well as face-to-face (part of Ambassadorial work for the project).